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I need to talk to someone about...



Who do I contact?



Assistance with 

*counseling services

*court /custody/visitation navigation

*domestic violence




*parenting resources

*substance abuse treatment



Alicia Kennedy -



Attendance and Dismissal Changes



Charlotte Isaacs -



Enrollment Questions / New Students



Enrollment During Summer Months



Cheryl Gasdia - 

How to Enroll - Enrollment Questions


Chris Finchm -



After School Care



Boys and Girls Club - 410.920.7763

 (not a CCPS organization)



Back to School 




Cafeteria accounts



Erika Barker -






CCPS Calendar



Car Rider Tag



Charlotte Isaacs-



Child Find



CCPS (for general information) 

Sarah Mangold (Child Find contact at NEES)



Christmas Help



Alicia Kennedy -



School Counseling @ NEES



Alicia Kennedy -



Counseling, Onsite:

Upper Bay Counseling and Support Services



Upper Bay Counseling and Support Services



Dismissal Changes (Email all 4)



Cheryl Gasdia, Charlotte Isaacs, 

Fran Rodgers and Chris Fincham



Distribution of Flyers / Information / Materials



Peach Jar Information




CCPS Enrollment Page

Cheryl Gasdia -







CCPS Calendar



Facility Use Registration


**If already registered with CCPS and

interested in using the NEES building



CCPS Building Use Information


**Chris Fincham -




Family Outreach Worker




Grading and Reporting Policy




CCPS Grading Policy



Medication & Vaccinations



Aria Smith -









School Supply Help



Alicia Kennedy -



Summer Camp applications


Summer Camp once admitted

(Not a CCPS organization)



Alicia Kennedy -


Youth Empowerment Source



Special Education at NEES



Sarah Mangold -






Terrence Murgallis -




CCPS Transportation






Krystal Pugh -